Since 2014, brand manufacturers in the field of motion and presence detectors have been working together in the sensNORM association for standardised, qualitative and automated measurement procedures.





sensNORM tested sensors

Thanks to standardised measurement procedures, you can rely on sensors and planning data tested by sensNORM.

Sensor-controlled light

Sensor-controlled light is the key to unlocking potential in terms of energy savings, comfort, safety and operating costs.

Correct planning

Only correct planning and professional implementation unlock the full potential of a lighting installation.

Planning reliability

Professional planning of motion and presence detectors creates planning reliability and a perfectly functioning and energy-optimised lighting solution.

Potential of LED lighting

By implementing the elements of 'intelligent light', the full potential of modern LED lighting can be tapped.




The guide to comprehensive measurement of sensors

The members of sensNORM have created a detailed definition for the correct measurement of motion sensors and the representation of the detection area. This sensor data created according to sensNORM is the best starting point for the successful selection and planning of intelligent lighting systems.

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Part 1: Passive infrared detectors for presence and motion detection 

2021-05: Edition 2 


Press release 01.10.2021



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Leitfaden für den Einsatz von Sensorik in Lichtanwendungen DEU/FRA/ITA 2019/11


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Sensor test facility

The world's first independent test facility that allows sensors to be measured in accordance with IEC specifications was presented at the  seminar of the Swiss Lighting Society SLG on 24.11.2020.


At the seminar of the Swiss Lighting Society SLG on 24.11.2020, the world's first independent test facility was presented, with which sensors are measured in a standardised manner according to IEC 63180.



"Davos light agreement" press release

Press release - 14 September 2018

Light agreement: To halve light-related energy consumption by 2025

Leading players in the lighting industry have signed an agreement aimed at halving lighting-related energy consumption by 2025.

During the European Light Congress in Davos, 12 organisations, associations and companies from the lighting industry signed an agreement to reduce the amount of energy used to power lighting. At present, 12% of all energy consumed in Switzerland is used to power lighting. In signing the agreement dated 11 September 2018, the signatories are aiming to half this figure to 6% by 2025.